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1999 S Coast Hwy Suite E

Laguna Beach CA 92651


My education in art is nontraditional. Being born in uncertain times in China, the requirement of supporting my foster parents precluded my wish to accept university entrance, even though I had earned the top score in fine arts on the matriculation exam. Instead, I attended a College for teachers in Hong Kong, so I could at least have a teaching major in art and have a survival income. Eventually, I was appointed Director of the Art Department of three schools in Hong Kong. My heart is very proud of the unprecedented many awards, and national and international competitions won by my students and schools.


          Twelve years after matriculation and teaching, I took a year sabbatical and was finally admitted to Nanjing College of Art. Following that, my non-traditional art education continued by traveling through China to study individually and in small groups with various masters. My skill and passion were enhanced through intensive study of the calligraphy and fine art of my teachers, like Tong Wen, Lung Zhi Dot, and Yeung Kin Fat, as well as the artist Shih Tao, Chang Da Chein, Lee Yi Won, and O-his Yang, who inspires me a lot.


          In 1996 I opened my private studio, Wen Shun Yong (Floating Cloud), where I was able to paint freely and to teach privately. I was accepted to exhibit at the Hong Kong International Exhibition on multiple occasions. My art now is in collections in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China, and more recently in Canada and the United States.


         Moving to Laguna Beach in 2009, I’ve exhibited at numerous Galleries and the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts & Pageant Masters. Now I am at the Floating Cloud Gallery, Laguna Beach.


"Floating Cloud Gallery artist, Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne, is a master of Chinese calligraphy and watercolor on rice paper. Embracing her California lifestyle she blends East and West cultures with paint and brush, melding Eastern color palettes with the warmth of Western colors for each meaningful story she tells."


Since WaiSin's childhood, it has always been her mission to ignite the hearts of people through her paintings and to inspire their own connection with inner peace and hope.


WaiSin is currently putting together as the international summit of artists, healer, and coaches to share in a discussion called " The Art of Creating an Amazing Life".